Cover Fx – Custom Cover Drops

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One base product, endless possibilities. Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops is the cleverest foundation solution we’ve found to date. These award-winning, revolutionary drops of pure pigment are not designed to be worn alone, instead intended to transform your favourite liquid beauty products into a beautiful, bespoke base. You can customise both the level of coverage and the desired finish – for a glowing, radiant effect, add the drops to oils, serums or creams or, for a matte finish, add to matte primer or a lightweight lotion. To adjust the level of coverage, simply adjust the number of drops added, as follows: one drop for sheer coverage, two drops for medium coverage, three drops for full coverage, and four drops for flawlessly full coverage. Formulated without parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil or talc, the skin-loving formula will look after your complexion. What’s more, in an impressive array of 25 natural-looking shades, you’re sure to find a colour to match your skin tone perfectly.

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