10 Piece Stylish Rose Gold Professional Make up Brush Set

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10 pieces makeup brush set, A professional quality brush set which includes all the basics you need

Suitable for Professional use or Home use Easy to stick powder, natural color, rendering uniform.
With proper care, your brushes can be enjoyed for years.
Convenient for you take & use.
How to Clean Makeup Brushes
1. Wet the brush. Let the brush down. Do not wet the joint part of the brush tube and the brush bristles.
2. Pour out the wash water into palm.
3. Push out gently with your fingertips along the direction of the brush, until completely wash away the remnants of cosmetics and then rinse it.
4. After cleaning, put a towel or paper towel on the table to absorb moisture, then dry in the shade.
5. After it is totally dry, rub the bristle gently and bomb it with finger, which can make it restore fluffy state.
Sweet tips:
Dry it naturally, don’t use blow drier, don’t put it under the sun, don’t wash the brush at the opposite direction of the bristle, otherwise, the usage life will be shortened.
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